Friday, 4 May 2012

Pete Cashmore's vision of the future of digital world #mashcon

The wonderful Mashable team at Mashable Connect 2012
At the prime age of almost 50, last night I felt like a teenager..... No, I did not meet Brad Pitt, but you are not too far off.... I met Pete Cashmore the CEO and founder of Mashable!

I've heard Pete calling himself a geek. However, I believe he is more of a trendsetter than a geek!

Last night in his welcoming and opening remarks at Mashable Connect 2012, he shared his vision for the future of the digital world:

  • goodbye laptops, welcome tablets
  • goodbye mouse and cursor, welcome mobile
  • goodbye content creation, welcome content curation
  • goodbye wallets, welcome mobile money
  • goodbye 20th century hardware, welcome 3D printers and more
  • goodbye Flickr, welcome Instagram
Pete Cashmare, CEO and founder of Mashable,
at Mashable Connect 2012
Now, who in their right mind would challenge anyone of Pete's predications? The millennials, together with social media junkies and open-minded digital inhabitant will probably say NO ONE. 

Yet, there are many people who are stuck in time,  clinging tightly to 20th century way of life and paradigm. 

These people fail to see the opportunities the new digital world offers and can seriously hinder progress.

So, I guess my question is, how can we help the skeptics and those running IT departments to see the future? How can we help them take a bold step and participate in heralding in the future, as opposed to resisting it? How can we make them understand, whether they like it or not, Pete's vision will become reality in 6 weeks time, because the future is just around the corner and not some far-fetched science fiction movie.

If there is anyone out there who has managed to convert the naysayers and skeptics, please share your experience and your bag of tricks.

I for one am looking forward to learn a lot and meet lots of inspiring people at Mashable Connect 2012 and see how I can use what the new digital world offers to enhance my work of development worker.  

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