Saturday, 5 May 2012

Fun facts and tidbits from #MashCon

  • Last day of #MashCon, so far Googleplus was only mentioned once at #MashCon

  • Did you know that Saturday morning is the best time to post on Pinterest?

  • Did you know that if you put a + at the end of a link you will get the statistics behind the link?

  • Ran into Pete Cashmore a couple of times, but never saw him with an iPad, or any other hand-held device or a laptop for that matter

  • Only once heard a phone ringing :)

  • Absolutely amazing moments hearing all the #MashCon folks typing on their keyboads the soundbites from .@cindygallop and .@adorvasv talk which were both absolutely awesome and inspiring :)

  • Definitely Apple has the lion share at #MashCon

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Terence said...

Great and lovely post.