Monday, 16 March 2009

KM self-assessment

Last week I used Geoff Parcell's KM self-assessment tool to assess the KM maturity level of my organization. I have documented the entire process, namely the three separate sessions with different audiences, the wrap-up session with our KM champion and a summary explaining the process and how we customized the tool. If you happen to have conducted the self-assessment using this tool I would love to hear your views and experiences.

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Geoff said...


Terrific! You have certainly been getting into action since the Share Fair. You have taken the self-assessment framework and adapted it to your own needs. You have achieved consensus on the current level of competence and recognise that it is not evenly distributed. And you have people committing to actions. You have a bunch of people who are inspired to do more. Well done for making so much happen in such a short time!

I think the way you have captured what you did so comprehensively is a great learning aid. I will certainly share it with others!

You might now consider (if they are not already covered by the actions):

* Getting those with strengths in a particular practice to share
with those who want to learn via a Peer Assist or similar process
* Consider self-measurement of progress. How will you know you
are making progress? And what impact will it have on IFAD’s goals?

Best regards

Geoff Parcell