Saturday, 17 January 2015

Clearing the mental clutter

As a child, our parents continuously encouraged us to clean our room and put things in order. 

When we became adults, at regular intervals we get an urge to clear the physical clutter which we may have accumulated over time. This then may lead to some sort of massive or modest spring cleaning. Typically after these “ surges”  we feel good and gratified.... ready to accumulate more :)

Two weeks into my new adventure, I discovered mental clutter.

And to my biggest chagrin this is something  that I have never paid attention to, nor taken the necessary time to clear.

Mental clutter is the most deadly form of clutter.... To start with, its burden can literally break your back and because it has no physical manifestation and is invisible, one tends to ignore it or even worse not pay any attention to its various signs and symptoms.

As I embarked on my new adventure, in a whole new setting, with a whole new regime, I miraculously - and believe me this was not by design - am clearing my mental clutter which was sapping my energy and taking up so much of my brain bandwidth. And I can tell you it feels so good.

This healing process is helping me to focus on my needs and interests. It is helping me to understand what are the real priorities in life. I’ve come to cherish more than ever the love and affection of my loved ones, my friends and the very people who really care about me and the very people I care about most.

My new adventure may have seemed a bit out of character for someone like me. But I believe it probably will end up being one of the better things I’ve done for myself. I am looking forward to every minute of it, as for me it is a learning, healing and inspiring adventure.

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