Saturday, 23 November 2013

Parasite... A catalyst for creating beautiful and precious gems

Today I learnt that even a parasite can produce something beautiful...... You are probably wondering what in heaven's name I am talking about......

Did you know that natural pearls are produced as a defense mechanism against parasites that enter in the oyster's shell. What happens is that the mollusk creates a pearl sac to ward off the irritation caused  by the parasite.

As I was watching an animated explanation of this transformation, I thought to myself, would not it be great if a similar transformation could happen when our healthy cells are attacked by cancerous ones... So instead of death, something new and beautiful is born

It also made me realize that even parasites can be a catalyst to create wonderful, beautiful and precious things.

Wondering how long before humankind can learn from and be inspired by nature..... And learn to turn bad into good.

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