Thursday, 19 August 2010

57 Twitter tools to make the most of your Twitter experience

I owe my presence on Twitter to my friend and colleague @mongkolroek and I cannot thank him enough for introducing me to this wonderful world.

Over the last two years, thanks to my interaction on Twitter, I’ve learnt some much, met some absolutely fantastic and remarkable people. I’ve made new friends and by keeping in touch with my peers, colleagues and friends and by mutually sharing our challenges and aspirations, I’ve had some good laughs and most importantly have been inspired by many in many different ways. I am now Tweetaddict! And I go proud of it.

Having received so much from this wonderful community, I thought it was time to give something back. Over the course of my Twitter experience, I’ve religiously hoarded lots of great links and useful resources. One of my summer projects was to compile a list of useful Twitter tools. And this is what I did. This list is by no means exhaustive.

I hope – as incomplete as it may be – you find it useful. Please feel free to share your preferred tools or resource using the comment feature. If you find this compilation useful, please retweet and share it with your peers, colleagues and friends. I just came across an interesting article on The Guardian entitled "Why Twitter matters to media organizations", which I definitely thought it was worth mentioning, if for nothing else, to show the light to the "nay sayers"  and make them understand if they do not embrace this new way of working, they will soon be out of business!

A big thank you to all my wonderful Twitter friends for such a rewarding professional and personal Twitter experience!

The 57 tools/resources are organized in the following 9 categories:

Want to keep your tweetgems?

What to know who is following and unfollowing you?

Want to manage all your social media from a single application?
  • Hootsuite [] is available for desktop and mobile devices. It’s a one-stop shop that allows you to be manage all your social network platforms in one go and of course it allows you to schedule your tweets!
  • TweetDeck [] is perhaps a real “killer” application and allows you to schedule tweets. If you’re not using it as your preferred application, make sure you give it shot. It is definitely worth the try and you’ll not give it up for anything else. Yes I am highly biased!

Need to schedule your tweets?

Dying to know who is saying what and who is what about you?

Want to tracking your influence and outreach in Twitterville?
  • Twitter grader [] helps you keep track of how “influential” you are on twitter
  • Tweet reach [] is a cool tool that shows you how many people potentially saw your tweets
  • Tweetstats [] allows you to find the behaviour of any twitter user. The statistics s include aggregate daily tweets, replies to top 10 persons you've replied
  • Twitteranalyzer [] is Google Analytics for Twitter users
  • Twittratr [] allows you to monitor whether tweets about a specific subject were received positively or negatively. You need to study the ranking because at time it gets confused :) and gives not quite the correct information.
  • Twitter rank [] tells you how you rank amongst in Twitterville
  • Twitalyzer [] provides various metrics ranging from influence score to your clout and retweet rates
  • Klout [] is an amazing tool showing your breadth of influence and clout
  • Twitinfluence [ ] allows you to find out your reach, social capital and know who are you first and second order followers

Share your Twitter stream in an on-line news and magazine format
  • [] allows you to create a daily on-line newspaper from your twitter stream by aggregating the tweet gems and nuggets in the most magnificent way. Must try. You’ll love it
  • Microplaza [] aggregates and organizes links from your Twitter stream. Has a cool feature “Being someone” which allows you to see into someone else’s world. Allows you to organize people who you follow in “tribes”. Promises to be a great tool. Right now is in beta

Check out the buzz in Twitterville on maps

Who says, the ultimate search is Google? Try one of these cools Twittsearch tools

Twitterville as a speakers' corner




Anonymous said...

Great list,Roxanna. I just tweeted about it to my followers.

schedule tweets said...

great list i am going to add another site in this list hope you like it after you visit it.

Monica said...

This is really a great list and I am glad there are always new websites and applications that could be added to those you mention. My contribution: It is really useful since you can log in using your Twitter username and password and it gives you the opportunity to see who unfollowed you, who is not following you back and an unfollower history. (Writing all these I realised how languages evolve together with the social media! Who would have used "unfollowed" some five years ago?)

watch online said...

Great list,Roxanna.
Thanks for the list