Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Chat show brings about euthanasia of powerpoint presentations

Over the last weeks I've been preparing for a regional KM event in Africa. I had a goal in my head to introduce a number of knowledge sharing methods and tools and more importantly to make sure that the event was an exciting, innovative and "unconventional" event. Some of my partners were on board and welcomed my suggestions. Others wanted to do a "business as usual event", with BORING and DEADLY powerpoint presentations, little or no interaction.

We negotiated and compromised.... So I got to do a chat show and also conduct a world cafe - albeit only with half of the audience - I guess it is better than nothing.

Last night when we did our after action review, it was absolutely rewarding to hear my sceptic and cynical colleagues thanking me for introducing them to this method. The chat show guests had a great time and learnt a lot from each other. The participants came up to me and thanked me for introducing them to this method and said that THEY would be using it in the future.

I was a happy girl!!! It was worth all the trouble. Today I conducted a World Cafe.... Check out the blog for more on that. Now I am going to bed now! It was a long, tiring and yet another rewarding day.

Read more about the chat show at: http://ifad-un.blogspot.com/2009/04/chat-show-brings-about-euthanasia-of.html

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