Wednesday, 18 February 2009

IFAD had its "Yes we can" moment

10 minutes ago, IFAD's Governing Council appointed Dr Kanayo Felix Nwanze as the next President.

IFAD too, had its "Yes we can" moment! Mr Nwanze, a Nigerian national, served as IFAD's Vice-President. During his tenure as Vice-President Mr Nwanze was involved in numerous institutional processes, such as the Entreprise Risk Management, Quality Assurance, Knowledge management and many more.

As KM champion, Mr Nwanze managed to make KM a top priority for the organization and ensure that KM was embedded in all the core processes.

With Mr Nwanze as IFAD's next President, IFAD can boast to be one of few UN organizations that has the privilege and honour to have a KM champion as its leader.

Congratulations to Mr Nwanze and may the YES WE CAN tide expand its reach and touch many many more people.

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