Sunday, 25 January 2009

Waltz With Bashir

Ari Folman is a courageous man. His film Waltz with Bashir is a powerful and thought provoking film. It is one of those films that everyone, starting from politicians to young kids who think war and killing is really cool stuff, should almost be forced to see.

Folman tells the harrowing story of innocents being killed in a senseless war. It is incredible how almost three decades later we have not learnt anything and continue to indulge the same atrocities.

In an interview Folman says: "I hope that at least young people will see that unlike what they're told in schools about brave soldiers who gave their lives, there's no glory in war. Basically, it's about a waste of lives, a very useless idea. The glorification of the dead is horrible."

Make sure you see Waltz with Bashir and let us just hope that sooner rather than later, human-kind will stop wasting lives of young people and finally starts cultivating something good and long-lasting.

Waltz with Bashir website

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