Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Turning a commercial flight into a Disney roller coaster ride

This morning at 6:30am I boarded a flight from Port St Louis to Rodrigues island after an 11 hour flight from Paris to Port Louis. Rodrigues is 600 km away from Mauritius. The flight is approximately 1hr30 minutes.

The airport was vibrating with the chatter, laughter, squeaky voices and enthusiasm of these kids. It was quite a scene to see these kids running around the airport and having fun. It got better, when I boarded the plane. As the plane got ready for take off, so did the kids. It was as if you were on a roller coaster ride in a Disney park.

The yells and shrieks of the kids were completely in synch with the airplane's engine. It almost felt as if the noise by the kids made the plane take off!!! As soon as the plane had reached the cruising altitude the kids stopped.

On landing it was the same thing. The plane had to do some sharp 'turns'. Well, that made the kids' day. It was as if you had reached the summit of the roller coaster and you were about to race down... Just imagine what you would do, now multiply this by 54.... This is what happened on my flight. It was INCREDIBLE!!!!

After a long trip, it was rewarding to travel with these kids... They made me understand the importance of spontaneity and having fun!!!

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