Sunday, 13 April 2008

Pausa di reflessione

What a relief not to see the face nor hear the voice of Italian politicans for 48 hours!!!!! Since the political crisis in Italy which brought down the Prodi government, the Italian public has been subjected to incessant and continuous 'political debates'....... They have been subjected to yelling matches and insults of various politicans......

What a relief to turn on the TV on Saturday and not see their faces nor hearing them yelling and insulting each other.... Would not it be nice the 'pausa di reflessione' lasted for eternity!

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Lucone said...

I agree so much with you! Neither hearing their voices nor seeing their faces! I just do not listen to TG and GR and I follow the politics using the online news to prevent them to bother me so much. Still, it is such a shame.