Friday, 6 April 2007

Geeky gadgets get a shot of high-fashion bling

On 22 March, the International Herald Tribune (IHT) published an article entitled: Geeky gadgets get a shot of high-fashion bling

The article argued that there is a gap in the market for lifestyle electronics and unveiled an alliance between Philips, the consumer electronics giant, and Swarovski to entice women to use technology products such as cellphones, Ipods, flash disks and MP3 players.

I wonder whether these people actually did a thorough market research…. As a woman, I would never buy a cellphone full of Swarvoski crystal studs. A phone – be it a cordless or a cellphone – should serve its prime purpose: communicate with family, friends and colleagues… whether it has diamonds, emeralds, Swarvoski crystals, whether it has an embedded video camera or serves as an IPod is absolutely irrelevant.

The market research gurus seemed to have overlook or failed to understand WOMEN's PRAGMATIC NATURE.

These flashy objects may have a market within the neo-bourgeois and the nouveau riche segment of world population, but certainly not within the pragmatic women world! Maybe it is because as women we subscribe to HH Dalai Lama's thinking:

"much of our unhappiness, our suffering is caused by discrepancies between our perceptions and what is real"

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